For the First time in India, Uptik introduces the international investment wisdom of world-renowned wealth managers at a click of a button.

Uptik’s Investment Strategy Vault

Combining the vast experience and expertise of its founders and investment committee, Uptik has created bespoke investment solutions.

These solutions are housed in Uptik’s Investment Strategy Vault and are made accessible to clients based on their investment needs and appetite.

Uptik has 15 such strategies in its Vault. These portfolio management strategies are inspired by individual and collective wisdom of some of the greatest investors and advisers this world has seen (eg. Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, Burton G. Malkiel and so on..)

  • Uptik takes the guesswork and complexity out of wealth management framework by eliminating the need to choose securities and the allocations thereof.
    This saves the investor time and alleviates potential stress and cognitive dissonance related to investing strategies. As such our portfolios are perfect for the long-term buy-and-hold investor, who wants to be in an hands-off mode!
NO ONE CARES MORE ABOUT YOUR MONEY THAN YOU DO – That is exactly why you should leverage strategies as powerful and effective as used by the
world’s top investors and advisers.
  • Rather than guessing what assets will outperform ,Uptik advocates for diversifying broadly across asset classes thus minimizing portfolio risk and drawdowns
  • Overwhelmed by the stock market? It is proven that when you simplify your investment decisions, you end up getting better returns. As a bonus, you gain more time for family, friends, and other pursuits
  • Investing is not complicated. Part of successful investing is adapting a portfolio management approach that’s right for you given your age, time horizon, and financial goals. Identifying where to invest takes a lot of research, time and effort but you don’t have to create one out of thin air; you can simply use our curated portfolios.
  • A critical component of our investment philosophy is to “set it and forget it”. Invest in our curated
    portfolios and build your wealth without worrying about market upheavals and volatility.