What season is it? Monsoon? It’s indeed the season of rainy days, especially if you have been investing in the stock market. There’s an ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, tensions between China and Taiwan and the contagion of an approaching global recession. 

So, what could go wrong while choosing investments? The basic mistake you can do is overemphasizing the flavour of the current season. This is called the ‘Recency Bias’. 

What is Recency Bias? 

Say, you have seen the markets sitting in the red or staying flat for a recent period of four to five months by now. So, would you go the contrarian way, just for this current situation? No, in investments, thinking long-term can help. 

Further, you might not want to redeem your assets, just when the market starts making its upward move. So, making investment decisions by over-emphasising recent events can be fatal for your portfolio. 

You need a sturdy investment portfolio that stands the test of time and helps you reach your goal. 

An ‘All Season Portfolio’ to your rescue 

Based on Ray Dalio’s famous ‘All Weather Fund’, this portfolio is meant for investors with a knack for choosing things that last. This portfolio is a simplified inspiration of Ray’s philosophy that can act as a ‘invest it and forget it’ package for long-term investors. 

Ray Dalio is associated with Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund as its investment manager. His famous hedge fund has attracted institutional investors and involved a lot of active management. It revolved around this important question:

“What kind of investment portfolio would you hold that would perform well across all environments, be it devaluation or something else?” 

Adapted from this philosophy, the ‘ All Season Portfolio’ is designed to grow no matter what happens in the market. The purpose behind simplifying Ray’s philosophy was to make such investments accessible to retail investors across risk profiles. 

Uptik’s pre-designed portfolios

We have curated custom portfolios to help you invest in a pre-designed basket that makes investing smart, informed and economical. At Uptik, we are seasoned investment professionals having experience in managing people’s portfolios over decades. 

We have our ‘Investment Strategy Vault’ that has something for every investor in terms of different asset classes, domestic and global investing. Our portfolio can also help you relax while on your goal-based journey. 

Summing up

Uptik’s portfolios are based on the sturdy investment philosophy of investment professionals like Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio and more. Investing in these baskets can help you overcome investment biases and help you make informed decisions that can last the test of time. In an uncertain time, like these, we are the investment professionals you can trust with your money.

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