Ta-da! Lo aagay… Dekho woh aa gaya! Your chance to give your portfolio a global touch is here. Our website is live now. Check out our website here.

Just like for every new beginning, we are excited to welcome you to innovative and sturdy portfolio solutions that can stand the test of time. Are you ready to bridge the gap between yourself and your goals? We are too! And that is part of our professional commitment as well as amour propre. 

Let us describe Uptik and what is in store for you in detail. 

What is Uptik? 

Uptik is a modern and sophisticated investment portal brought together by a team of seasoned investment professionals. They are Chaitali Dutta, Toshika Katare and Shweta Maheshwari. Together they have a collective experience of more than fifty years. They also have Nakul Maheshwari in their advisory team. Doesn’t it sound like a complete package of experts? Learn more about the Uptik team here.

With diverse experts on board, Uptik offers to you a plethora of opportunities through its investment strategy vault. This vault is a magic casket of solutions based on bespoke ideas, customised with perfection to fit your investment needs. Read about our investment strategy vault here.

Why choose us? 

Do you want your investment decisions to be in the hands of experienced professionals you can trust? Would you choose decades of experience over a few years of blabbering on channels like YouTube? Then, Uptik can be your first choice. 

Uptik has a team of professionals who have real hardcore experience in managing portfolios of individuals for decades. And, that’s what makes us experts, our experience in making our client’s money grow. 

We remove biases and product marketing from investing and replace them with fundamental doable strategies. These strategies are carefully designed with a background of international wisdom. 

Why pick ideas from global wisdom work? 

You might have heard about investment philosophers like Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio, and Burton G. Malkiel? Their theories and ideologies have stood the test of time. 

To make the most out of the investment opportunities in Indian and global stock markets, we have categorised investments into strategies. These strategies are then used to pack assets in curated portfolios like the IVY portfolio, the all-season portfolio, the no-brainer portfolio, the Warren Buffet portfolio and so on. Have a look at our portfolios here.

To sum up

If you wish to make serious investment decisions, then you need to free yourself from biases and hearsay. We, as seasoned investment professionals, know that our investment knowledge has an impact on people’s money. And we strive hard to make this impact a good one.

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