Frankly, investing is essential and Fixed Deposits are not a bad investment option. It has a very low-risk profile and gives fixed returns, but that’s it. One of the most critical limitations that come with taking a lower risk in investments is that of not being able to meet your financial goals due to inflation. It might not be able to serve your needs of goal-based financial planning or wealth generation. 

So, is investing in fixed deposits a bad idea? Not at all; it can be a better option for those with lower risk appetites, but for those who have enough risk appetite to invest in stocks, bonds and other asset classes, there’s an option. And this option is Uptik portfolios. 

Let us learn about these portfolios in detail: 

Pre-designed portfolios 

Uptik brings you pre-designed baskets of assets that are carefully curated to match your unique investment needs. These portfolios consist of stocks from India and the U.S., bonds and other assets mixed in different proportions. These proportions are backed by different investment philosophies, diversifications and risk profiles. Uptik has 15 such curated pre-designed investment baskets or portfolios in its strategy vault. Have a look at our strategy vault here

3x Diversification 

Do you invest in different asset classes for diversification? We, too, do that at Uptik, but we also go beyond that and diversify the portfolios based on geography, investment horizons and asset classes. 

One of the fundamental purposes for such diversification is to build sturdy portfolios that can withstand any market volatility. These portfolios are designed to stand the test of time and help you achieve your desired investment goal. 

International wisdom 

It is said that no one cares more for your portfolio than you do. But is that enough to help you get to the suitable investments? No, you need renowned investors’ tried and tested wisdom to apply to your investment selection and redemption. 

At Uptik, we apply the wisdom of investment philosophers such as Warren Buffett, Burton Malkiel, Ray Dalio and more. Each of our portfolios is based on a different philosophy and is thus managed differently. 

Professional management 

Whom would you trust more? Do you trust YouTube influencers who might not have any responsibility for your money? Or, would you trust seasoned investment professionals who have been following regulatory norms and have managed actual portfolios for the past three to four decades? 

The second choice would take us to you, as we stand firm with the community of investment professionals and take pride in our skills of recognising investment opportunities responsibly. We do not make investment promotions based on any product endorsement. 

It’s purely knowledge that drives us and drives your investments, as well. 


So, if you have a suitable risk appetite and are looking for investment opportunities beyond fixed deposits, you can choose to invest with Uptik. Visit our profile now, and choose from the portfolios from our strategy vault. Check our website here.

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