There were thundering shields, and dragons roared upon as one. And, I placed my heir upon the iron throne. Uh-oh, that’s about the new House of Dragon series. Well, our product, Uptik is no less than a dragon, I suppose. 

Here’s a story about how we started it and why we started it: 

  • Awareness of global investing 

Having around four decades of collective experience in investment advisory, we found that there is a gap in the understanding of global investing patterns and methods among Indian retail investors. 

While we found that these investors, especially the youth were much enthusiastic about investing in U.S. stocks, they weren’t equipped with the proper knowledge to take the call. Such investments were either based on faulty research methods or hearsay from friends, family or YouTube influencers. 

  • Moving beyond assets to diversify 

Everyone talks about not putting all the eggs in the same basket, but we focus on putting different eggs, too, in a basket. And that’s what makes a lot of difference. 

This can also give your portfolio the leverage to fight against the tide of domestic trade cycles and help make an ‘invest it and forget it type of investment. With this diversified basket, young investors can also make their debut in U.S. stock investing. 

We also diversified investments into capitalisations to get the best of all worlds in investing. 

  • A hint of global wisdom 

While talking to our clientele, we also learned the fact that investors were aware and impressed by the investment philosophies of popular global investors like Warren Buffett, Meb Faber, Ray Dalio and more. We even heard about young investors trying to mirror the ethos in their portfolios. 

However, there wasn’t a gateway for them to research and build portfolios or invest in a ready-made pre-designed portfolio based on international wisdom. Through Uptik, we made available to these investors a plethora of portfolios designed with famous investment philosophies as their base. 

This also ensured that the investment decisions were in coordination with risk and returns and were bias-free. 

  • Sturdy portfolios 

Based on international wisdom, we made portfolios that can stand the test of time and move towards the financial goal no matter which uncertainties strike it. Just like lightning on an induction rod, it only electrifies and makes it stronger. 

  • More and more options 

Simplicity is the spice of life, but ‘choice’ is the ‘life’ of simplicity. Therefore, we curated 12 pre-designed portfolios for our strategy vault. Each of these portfolios was built on a unique philosophy of renowned investors and prestigious groups worldwide. 


With all of these in the picture, we brought our dragon egg, Uptik, into being. We hope this egg helps investors have a basket of different eggs. Uptik is not just a dream; it is a thought, a sturdy investment thought.

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