As we come across the buzzwords, Metaverse, Brahmaverse and more, we thought, why not discuss the Investoverse? And how do we aim to achieve our goals with them? 

What is Investoverse? 

Investoverse may be coined as Investment Universe, where special powers or astras can help you overcome hurdles like inflation, emergencies and work/business instability to form sturdy portfolios that can fulfil goals. 

So, what are these astras

  • Diversification 

Portfolio diversification can help you manage volatility and other limitations of asset classes in isolation. If a single asset rules your portfolio journey, you might either be taking too much risk or aiming for a lower potential return. 

At Uptik, we go beyond asset-based diversification and offer diversification in capitalisations and geography too. 

Yes, you can invest in the markets of the U.S. with the comfort of choosing from a pre-defined portfolio. 

  • Wisdom 

Another factor that can help you overcome the information into knowledge hurdle is market wisdom. And what names come to mind when you think of it from an international perspective? Warren Buffett? Ray Dalio? 

Yes, if you are impressed by these philosophies, you can go beyond appreciation and make it a part of your investment portfolio. 

Uptik brings to you International wisdom in the form of pre-designed portfolios. 

  • Choice 

What if there is only one product shelved before you? Ofcourse, you might not want to choose it without comparing and checking what matches your needs. 

At Uptik, you can choose from a list of twelve pre-defined portfolios, each based on different investment philosophy. 

The Uptik Super Astra! 

So, With all the above information we can say that Uptik is a collaboration of these astras, forming an Astra that can solve all your investment hassles on the go. 

To conclude

Uptik, with its strategy vault, has portfolios of every power and strength. Each portfolio is curated with the strength of successful investment gurus internationally. With a lot of experience and thought, we have curated and formed this super Astra by aligning and amplifying the three astras of diversification, wisdom and choice.

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