When you ask what’s the right time to start investing? The answer is right now. Ok, let’s change this question. What’s the right time to invest in the U.S. stock market? The answer still is, ‘Now’! 

So why is it the right time to invest in the U.S. stock market? Also, what are some of the key benefits of investing in these stocks and how can Uptik help? 

Let’s understand each of these questions one by one: 

  • Why is it the right time to invest in U.S. stocks? 

After the Fed chair, Jerome Powell announced that stringent measures must be taken until inflation is under control, Wall Street tumbled in the red. Several stocks plunged by more than one percent. 

This losing streak continued for around quite some time now and the U.S. stocks have landed to interesting valuations. 

So, if you are a value investor, it can be your chance to curate these securities to form a sturdy portfolio. 

With the announcement to hike rates, the international gold prices also slipped to a favourable figure, making diversification through commodities even more beneficial. 

With this information in hand, adding U.S. securities to your portfolio basket can give you an edge over uncertainties and volatility. 

  • What are the benefits? 

As an Indian investor, there can be several advantages to investing in U.S. stocks. 

These are opportunities to invest in renowned global brands like Google, Apple, Starbucks, Nike, and Netflix. You might have heard about them and might be using their products as well. So, wouldn’t you like to invest in them? Wouldn’t you trust the leadership and growth curve of these international brands? Having a global hint to your investment can help you grow with the growth of these brands. 

Furthermore, you need not buy the whole of a stock. For example, at present (on Sept 15, 2022), the price of Netflix stock at NASDAQ is around 224 USD. This conversion in INR would be Rs.17,826.48. If this figure looks like a difficult one to invest in, don’t worry. You can buy a fraction of this stock in the U.S markets. 

Yes, you can even choose to invest around Rs.5000 in four different U.S stocks. 

  • What strategy should I adopt for investing in U.S. stocks? 

So, the markets globally are running a bit pessimistic these days. What would an investment philosopher like Warren Buffet or Ray Dalio suggest for such markets? Yes, you can absolutely mirror their investment philosophy to your portfolio with Uptik. 

At Uptik, we have twelve baskets of pre-designed portfolios, each packed with 3xDiversification and international wisdom. You can have a look at our portfolios through our strategy vault here. 


It can be said that the time is now to gain a contrarian viewpoint for investing in U.S stocks and add to your basket of value stocks. As the economy revives, this might ensure that you are not struck by the FOMO of investing but are in a position to celebrate your early investment decisions.

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