You might have heard this line, ‘apna sapna money money…” Much cheezy as it may seen, there might not be many disagreements on the same. 

If you are a value investor, you might be looking for stocks with a strong buy rating, stocks that might grow well in the near future. You might want to invest in a fundamentally strong company that can make this dream come true for you. 

While you look for these stocks in the Indian stock market, you might want to turn your eye toward global markets that have great undervalued stocks to invest in. For example, think about the Apple INC stock. At present, it’s trading at a ~10% lower than it was a month ago, in NASDAQ. Even other such known stocks are undervalued at the moment. 

So, is the right time to invest, now? 

Yes, ideally, the moment you start investing is the right time to start investing. Especially, now, when the domestic, as well as the global markets, are discounted because of the looming recession and inflation fears. 

These are the times when the right investment strategy that is contrarian in nature can help you make the most of future market upswings. 

How can Uptik help? 

We all know who was the ardent believer in contrarian investing thought. Yes, Warrant Buffett, the advocate of the contrarian philosophy of investing, to go against the market winds is a well-known global investment philosopher. 

But, is his philosophy enough for you to select stocks and other assets to build a portfolio? No, you need a lot in addition to that. First, and foremost, you need the experience to value-pick stocks and curate a basket of assets. 

Uptik can help you figure out that. It can help you build a sturdy portfolio that can stand the test of time with 3x diversification. This is in the form of asset class, market capitalization, and geography. 

With these diversifications in place, Uptik offers you a choice of 12 pre-designed portfolios each embedded with a globally renowned philosophy. 

You can look at Uptik’s curated portfolios here.


In short, investing in U.S. stocks can be beneficial for your portfolio, and Uptik with its curated portfolios helps you invest in a pre-designed investment basket, built to stand the test of time and reap handsome returns.

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