Why Uptik

Our aim is to revolutionize investing in Equity and Debt Linked products by leveraging the investment philosophies of word-renowned investment Gurus and bringing their wisdom to Indian investors. We have designed curated portfolio baskets that will help our clients invest in Indian as well as Global Markets on a single online investment platform.

Uptik simplifies the complex process of investing in multiple global and Indian capital markets by offering products that are designed using Indian Mutual Funds and Global ETFs.

With us, you will find:

  • Relevant and timely investment opportunities.
  • Quality guidance based on investor appetite.
  • Steady growth in a diversified portfolio thus eliminating concentration risk.

Uptik creates automated and curated investment portfolios based on the wisdom of world-renowned investment gurus compiled by a highly experienced and learned global investment team. Uptik provides an easy to use online investment platform that will help you diversify geographically thus reaping the benefits of developed and emerging markets at a minimal cost.

Our team members are unique because

  • They comprise Industry stalwarts with a cumulative investment experience of 50+ years.
  • Have extensive expertise in Indian and Global wealth management.
  • Have advanced degrees in Finance from top world business schools.
  • Are alumni of some of the world’s biggest financial institutions and bulge-bracket banks.

Uptik provides options where you can start investing right from as little as Rs. 1,000 and always allows you with the flexibility of increasing/decreasing your investment amount.